3 Ways to Protect Yourself in a Wireless Emissions World

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3 Ways to Protect Yourself in a Wireless Emissions World

3 Ways to Protect Yourself in a Wireless Emissions World

The world is getting smarter day by day. This is due to the advancement of technology, wireless devices, and the type of knowledge children and people are getting from different types of sources present online. The living is getting better and better. But, with the power we are getting from today's technology, it also has some negative impacts on us.

What is Electromagnetic Emission?

A fundamental type of energy that surrounds every aspect of our lives, electromagnetic radiation, or EM radiation, is present in everything from the microwaves that cook our food to the radio waves that send the news and music to our various wireless devices.

We are surrounded by electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which could pose health hazards, from Wi-Fi networks to smartphones. 

Who is Affected by These Emissions?

Every living organism in this world is getting affected by electromagnetic emissions, but the category that is most affected is the children. Because their cells are in a rapid growth stage, their brain is developing, and their immune system is also in a formation stage. That's what makes them more vulnerable and exposed to this type of emission.


The second category that is also heavily affected is women in the stage of pregnancy and people in their reproductive years. This is because EM emissions reduce sperm production and sperm health in men and also reduce egg production in women.

What are the Impacts of These Types of Emissions on a Normal Human Being?

I understand that everyone wants to lead a healthier life, but unfortunately, the impact of today's electronic devices and network connections is increasing every day. The number of problems caused by Wi-Fi, mobiles, laptops, etc. is increasing rapidly day by day. 

Here is a list of different problems caused by different types of technology that are affecting us:

Anxiety and behavioural modifications like ADD and ADHD

Increase the risk of cancer, particularly breast cancer

Tinnitus causes alterations in cognitive function, such as a lack of focus and attention

Issues with development, particularly in the brain

Impact on the adrenal gland and an accelerated stress response

Negative impacts on sperm and egg quality cause infertility


Hormonal disturbances

Neurological conditions such as ALS and dementia



Stress due to oxidation and lipid peroxidation

Here are 3 methods to stay safe in a wireless environment, whether you want to temporarily cut off electronics or make your home more EMF-conscious.

  • Use Your Electronic Devices Safely

  • If you are a person like me, you must be in constant need of your electronic devices like mobile phones and laptops. I know it helps you a lot and makes your work more efficient and quick. But they also have some negative impacts on your body due to their different types of emissions.

    I am not saying that you just stop using your devices; obviously, that's not possible. But here are some more convenient ways you can use your devices:

    Turn off Bluetooth and stay away from using Bluetooth headphones with a mobile device or computer.

    Instead of carrying your cell phone in your pocket, carry it in a bag or handbag.

    Purchase Envirochip for your laptops and mobile devices to reduce the impacts of these emissions on your body.

    Use 3G instead, which has a slower internet speed but far fewer radiation emissions. In most cases, it is adequate. On an iPhone, click "Off" under Enable LTE under Settings>Cellular>Cellular Data Options.

  • Prioritise Wired Over Wireless

  • We all have options for having wired and wireless devices in many of the electronics we use on a daily basis. My only advice is to use wired devices more and try to reduce the use of wireless devices whenever possible. The reason is that wired devices like headphones, gaming consoles, and PCs produce far fewer emissions than wireless devices.

  • EMF Monitoring

  • Buy an EMF metre to keep track of your exposure to EMFs. You can find and eliminate sources of electromagnetic radiation in your house with the aid of these gadgets. You will be able to make wise judgements about how you use technology thanks to routine monitoring.


    Even though it might seem difficult to stay healthy in a wireless environment, there are practical and achievable measures you can take to reduce your exposure to EMFs. These actions can assist you in leading a healthier, more balanced life in our increasingly connected society, whether you choose to periodically disengage from technology, design an EMF-conscious house, or simply make better educated decisions. Recall that using technology responsibly can help you gain its benefits while reducing any potential health dangers.To learn more about personal health growth tips and hacks, subscribe to our newsletter.