Enviroglobe Premium (Silver) - Protection from Electrosmog (Patented Technology)

Rs. 4,999.00

Enviroglobe Premium (Silver) - Protection from Electrosmog (Patented Technology)

Rs. 4,999.00
Product description
Enviroglobe for deep sleep

Enviroglobe is based on Enviroglobe Patented technology that helps you protect you and your loved ones from harmful radiation within an area of 300 sq.ft and promotes deep sleep. You can extend the range of protection by placing multiple Enviroglobes at equal distances from one another.

  • Enviroglobe is based on Radiation Protection Technology that provides e-smog and radiation protection for healthier homes and families.
  • Enhances Sleep Quality.
  • Internationally tested & certified technology.
  • Does not compromise the signal strength of your device.
  • Each Enviroglobe provides complete radiation protection for up to 300 sq feet area.

Benefits of Enviroglobe

  • It helps in controlling problems such sleep disorder, lack of concentration etc over a period of time.
  • Enviroglobe protects an area of 300 sq. ft. from the harmful impact of emr emissions emitted from electronic devices such as Wi-fi, smart TV, mobile towers in the vicinity.
  • Constant exposure to these devices effects our body functioning. It changes the nature of these emr radition thereby boosting immunity.
  • 4.5 Million Happy users. Enviroglobe is a winner of the prestigious Silver award in product design at the coveted Business World Future of Design Awards - 2018. It is CE certified too.
  • Place the Enviroglobe around kids room to ensure no harm from Electrosmog as they study from home.


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Total price: Rs. 4,999.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
What is the expire date of products

I want to know expire date of products call me [****]

Chhavi Pandey
Amazing and beautiful look

The globe looks good in my drawing room and I felt the positive changes.

Bijaya Kumar
Really Helpful

Showed it's effect in few days only

Lalitha J
A good purchase indeed!

I think I made a good investment for me and family's health

Amokh Pandey
sleep quality improved

I dont know how but my sleep cycle really improved after using this product